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This site is a view of all of the games and stadiums in the WPIAL.

Our site is NOT affiliated with the WPIAL, any high school association or anyone else for that matter.

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Brian O'Leary and Sampson Yee. Why? Our goal was to learn the Google Maps API and to do something useful and beneficial. Coming from Pittsburgh, it should not be surprising that we are football fans and saw a need for putting high school stadiums on a map. As it turns out, it was definitely a need. Finding the stadiums was like finding a hundred odd needles in one big haystack. But here they are. Free and browsable. Hopefully, the site is an enhancement of other high school football references.

If you see something incorrect please let us know, and we will do our best to try and fix it. But please give us a road, street or something to go off. Making a right at the local donut shop will not be of much help.
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Data sources:

We used everything available and that could be Googled. However, the schedule information is from:
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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So how are we doing so far? Here's your chance to let us know. Pittsburgh has the greatest Football fans, and we're sure yinz have great ideas for the site. Let us know